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Dr. Samantha Nutt’s TED Talk on the deadly impact of small arms, in which she received a standing ovation, has garnered well over a million views and can be viewed on Her TED Talk also aired on PBS.

For all speaking, press and general inquiries, please contact:

Fiona Hack, Senior Manager, Public Relations

Office of the Founder War Child Canada

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Dr. Samantha Nutt is a highly versatile, thought-provoking and sought-after public speaker who is popular with a wide variety of professional, corporate, academic, health, legal and educational groups. A powerful storyteller, she masterfully weaves her personal experiences from the front lines of the world’s major crises into one-of-a-kind presentations that move and inspire audiences of all ages.

As an acclaimed author, medical doctor and critical thinker, Nutt mixes humour, information and a gripping narrative to engage audiences on the issues that are shaping our world. A non-profit leader, Nutt also frequently addresses business audiences on topics ranging from leadership to communications, management and governance.

Speaking Topics (Sample but not limited to)


Nutt tailors her keynote addresses to the themes and objectives of individual groups. All of her presentations are unique and consider the needs, interests and backgrounds of her audiences. She speaks to groups of all ages, from high school to undergraduate and post graduate audiences, corporate and non-profit clients, as well as health and educational associations. What follows is a sample of Nutt’s diverse speaking topics:


Where do we go from here? The world as we don’t know it

This virtual presentation looks at the global impact of the pandemic, how countries and governments are responding, overlooked regions of the world and the implications for public health and safety, the future of work and the likely trajectory of COVID-19 from a national and international perspective.


What just happened? Leading through fear and uncertainty

This is an engaging presentation that helps leaders tap into the tools needed to withstand and lead their businesses and organizations through unstable and unpredictable times. This is suitable for corporate, nonprofit, academic and other audiences. 


We will get through this: An antidote to hopelessness

This is more of a personal presentation about tapping into resiliency and not succumbing to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness in times of tremendous upheaval and uncertainty. Having spent years working in war zones, I know what it means to feel fear and dread about what new uncertainties lie around the corner. This is an uplifting presentation about withstanding life’s ups and downs,  and dealing with change.


State of the World

This presentation takes a compelling look at the impact of war – the truth, the lies, and the reality on the ground – and the major events currently shaping our world.  Geared towards students, educator and general audiences, this captivating presentation examines our growing global economic and security inter-dependence, and explores the meaning of social justice and community in the 21st century.


Global Health

Many health professionals and associations are engaged in “global health” work.  But is this effective?  And how can they really have an impact?  In this compelling presentation, Nutt reflects on the twenty years she has spent advancing the cause of global health, the lessons she has learned, and the role that health practitioners can really play in promoting a healthier and safer world. This presentation is ideal for medical audiences, as well as hospitals, medical and nursing schools.



Leaders have strength, courage, and conviction. Were they born with these illusive qualities, alongside a perfect balance of knowledge and charisma, or have they simply learned to communicate their experience and ideas more effectively than the rest of us? Leaders encourage us to inspire, to think, and to demand more of ourselves and of our society. They connect us to something larger than ourselves. But is leadership just ingrained in certain people, or can it be acquired? Can we all be leaders?


In this presentation, Dr. Samantha Nutt looks at the meaning and significance of leadership. She maps out ways in which we can all be more effective leaders – in the world and in the workplace – because the capacity to lead exists in each and every one of us.


Why the World Needs More Lawyers

Geared towards lawyers, civil society organizations and justice advocates, this presentation explores the importance of the rule of law and access to justice in promoting a more peaceful and sustainable world. Nutt talks about her experiences developing and promoting access to justice programs that strengthen the rights of women and children, with a view to tackling the climate of impunity that exists in many corners of the world.  She explains why the rule of law and its champions can and must be the next frontier of international humanitarian assistance.


When Women Lead

A popular choice for International Women’s Day and other events celebrating women’s leadership, this presentation combines humour and personal reflections on women in the 21st century and why the women’s movement is unfinished everywhere. Nutt’s often satirical take on hot topics such as “Lean In” and whether “women can have it all” offers an engaging, thought-provoking and entertaining examination of the challenges women still face in the world and how women (and men) can advocate for change. This presentation is also suitable for businesses and other groups looking to promote diversity and strengthen gender equality at the senior management and executive levels, as well as on Boards.


Corporate Governance

Doing the “right” thing in business isn’t without its ambiguities, or even its liabilities. When do ethical screens trump financial considerations? How are these assessments weighted and what matters to shareholders? Will you be in breach of your fiduciary duty if you prioritize human rights over hard math? What is your legal obligation either way?    

In this thought-provoking presentation geared to investors, asset managers, and business leaders, Nutt reflects on the changing ethical and fiduciary responsibilities facing businesses, and the meaning of governance and risk at a time of growing consumer activism and evolving international legislation. She examines the true meaning of transparency and corporate social responsibility, and makes the case for why businesses willing to embrace these changes will land on top.


Taking Your Vision to Action

Do you have an idea you’d like to see realized? A change you’d like to promote within your business or organization? A vision for creating something new? In this 45 minute presentation, Nutt reflects on the fifteen years she has spent transforming her vision for a new approach to humanitarian aid into an internationally acclaimed organization that assists half a million children and their families every year in some of the world’s most challenging environments. Blending humorous anecdotes with powerful story-telling, this keynote offers practical tips and inspiring lessons for individuals and organizations seeking to implement any kind of change or to launch something new.


When Local is Global

Our world is accelerating, and our communities are colliding, not always for the better.  Whether it is the terrible garment factory fires in Bangladesh, the diamonds on our fingers, the components in our cell phones, the profits in our pensions, or the environmental wreckage – such as the Gulf oil spill – associated with our energy needs, our interdependence means that we need to frame the questions differently.  How do I get it cheaper, and faster and better, must also be accompanied by questions of how do we get it right? And answering that question is a lifelong pursuit. In this 45 minute presentation, Nutt examines our obligations to the wider world: How do we impact on it, and how does it impact on us? What do we know, and what do we need to learn?


What Not To Give (The Art of Philanthropy)

Don’t give to charity; give to change. This is Nutt’s overarching message in a dynamic and thought-provoking presentation about philanthropy – what works, and what doesn’t. Geared to general audiences who want to know how to really make a global difference, this presentation challenges popular thinking around what it means to give and why good intentions don’t guarantee good outcomes. Nutt outlines practical solutions and recommendations for those looking to make the most of their philanthropic efforts. Ideal for groups looking for a mix of inspiration and information in the lead-up to the holidays, this presentation is also suitable at other times of the year for those interested in philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.


The Art of Arguing

Norman Mailer, himself no stranger to controversy, wrote in his Pulitzer-prize winning novel Armies of the Night, “There is no greater impotence in all the world like knowing you are right and that the wave of the world is wrong, yet the wave crashes upon you.” This fun and engaging presentation looks at the role of argument in conversation, relationships and in the workplace. It offers practical tips for presenting ideas in a logical and compelling way, and for challenging those who manipulate logic and statistical evidence to advance flawed arguments.


Culture & Identity (Diversity)

When we talk about diversity, it’s important to start with an understanding of global events that are shaping our world, and the impact these can have on schools and even in the workplace.  North America’s ties to some of the crises currently playing out around the world run very deep, from the Ukraine to events in Syria, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Iraq, Sudan, Eastern Congo, Pakistan and Afghanistan, to name but a few.


This presentation is especially relevant to educators and employers by offering practical tips for understanding and promoting culture and diversity.


Those Who Know, Teach

Geared towards educators and school officials, this presentation focuses on what teachers need to know about global events and how to effectively prepare students to better understand the world around them. Nutt also shares resources with teachers who are interested in engaging their students in international development concerns.


Social Responsibility

So what does it take to realize a vision of the world in which we act on our responsibilities as citizens? To do a better job (not necessarily even a perfect job) of protecting civilians caught in the crossfire of war? To reduce, if not eliminate, the threat of war as a propagator of death and disease and destruction and unfathomable hardship? What will this take?


In this presentation, Nutt explains that it takes nothing less than a dramatic shift in the way we think about war. It takes a moral and philosophical transformation around the privileged position we occupy in the world – geographically, politically, and economically – and the responsibility that comes along with this.


Student Activism

How can students have a global impact?  What really does make a difference? And is it possible to do more harm than good?

In this riveting and inspiring speech, Nutt outlines how students can get involved in global efforts and provides them with practical tools for getting started.   


Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies, and Aid

This presentation explores some of the concepts and themes in Nutt’s #1 bestselling book, Damned Nations. Suitable for audiences looking to understand more about current and international affairs, this gripping keynote is a valuable introduction to the challenges and opportunities facing our world.


Public Service

A motivational keynote for conferences and events involving public sector workers and non-profit groups, this presentation reflects on the importance of public service in promoting a more just, sustainable and equitable world. This presentation reconnects audiences with the meaning of public service, and is ideal for team-building events.


Lessons from the Front Lines of Fundraising

In this engaging, humorous and moving presentation, Nutt will share the lessons she's learned over twenty years in the non-profit sector. How do you fundraise for a cause most donors can't relate to? How do you grow an organization with no budget, no brand awareness and no connections? And what will future donors want? Join Dr Samantha Nutt for a forthright and honest look at the highs and lows of raising money for a cause - and what it takes not just to survive, but thrive, sometimes against all odds. 

For all speaking, press and general inquiries, please contact:

Fiona Hack, Senior Manager, Public Relations

Office of the Founder War Child Canada

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